Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Now this is more like it. Things were accomplished, conversations were had and I have to say it was a nice Monday. I haven't much hope for today, but once today is over the sun will shine on a phone that is not ringing off the hook and commercials that don't tick me off and hopefully the aftermath of last weeks mask shipping disasters will be behind me. On the creative side I have things to share. First up my gray snowflake necklace. It's a pretty simple design and even though I made it up as I went, I am fairly certain the same design exists elsewhere.

Next up is a set I made with the cats eye drop beads. This time I just wanted to highlight the beads by wrapping them in a little tatting. I just strung them on the thread and started tatting. A simple clover atop like a bow and a tight ring around the bead to hold it mostly in place. I though about gluing the bead to the lace and decided against it. The bead barely moves so there is really no point in over complicating it.I tried this design with a different color thread and it just didn't look right with the beads. I might try to see if I can get the cats eyes in a few other colors so I can make a couple more of these sets.

Then as the afternoon wore on, I started to get bored. I sat on twitter watching the stream trying to think of something to do when I saw etsy tweet about some blog feature of etsy mustaches. I then threatened the twitterverse that I would make a tatted mustache if I was not given something more productive to do. Instead of being greeted with fear, I was goaded on. So in the late afternoon hours I think I may have created the first tatted mustache necklace. I could of course be wrong and if one predates mine, please share. Of course after eliciting giggles and groans, I was informed that it also looks a bit like two whales smooching, or two lovebirds and of course that is now what I see when I look at it, but it gave me an afternoon of amusement that I sorely needed.

Today I have a field trip to attend with the family and then there is the matter of voting. We have dinner guests and hair cuts and hopefully the end of the mask shipping drama. I also got a mask sales just before heading to bed, so when I can tat that's what needs doing. I also ordered up some more ring bases even though I haven't sold any yet. I liked making them and I wanted some brass ones to make some sepia versions. I also picked up ones with a smaller base to try out a different design. Those won't be in for at least a week though so that's a task for another day.

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Anonymous said...

About the lovebird idea - actually, if you'd used blue thread it might look like two Twitter birds!