Friday, November 5, 2010

Queen Of The Nile

I'm actually having a little trouble this morning remembering how yesterday started...which is odd. What I do remember is after the mornings schooling I got to picture taking and got the new necklace listed. There was some help with the naming and then she was ready to go. Did I mention that I was also playing with an edging from one of the antique books. It needed some minor reworking so after the prototype I went with a bracelet. It's a bit big on my wrist, but I really like having more diversity in sizing. If everything I made fir me like a glove, I'd be shutting out a huge section of the population.

I should have stopped at this point and worked on remaking a pair of barefoot sandals, but I have been having the best luck looking at these old pattern books with new eyes. I've scanned my stack of them countless times, but for some reason I'm seeing potential in things I previously dismissed. Like the good old bread tray edging from a 40's era book. I've looked at it before, hell, I've seen other people make necklaces with it before, but I didn't like the way they looked. I suppose it could be said that there is an actual art to re purposing designs and you have to see it in just the right way for it to work for you.

I saw this one as a choker high on the neck. In fact it reminds me of an Egyptian collar necklace. Of course that might be because my daughter is currently studying Egyptian history and art, but still that's what I see. So rather than drape the design by using just the pattern as written, I added a top edge to pull the piece together and up a bit. I still may add a bit more round the top edge. This is the point where I usually hem and haw for a few hours about the design and it's feasibility. Another fun thing about this one is since the back is such a simple design is will be much easy to size up as well.

So I'll be working on this today to see if I can get it finished enough to list. I might start over as well as one of my thinking points is whether I should lengthen the center point or not. It may add a bit more drama if I did, but then again it might take away from the collar look. Oh, decisions, decisions. I may also get round to making the necklace version of the bracelet from yesterday though I am a bit worried about the ability to size the design if needed. I t may be a one size only sort of deal to keep the design intact or I might get creative, who knows. Off to it then and everyone have a lovely weekend!

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I like the bracelet. For some reason it strikes me as something different.