Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't Believe Me

Why yes, I am a big old lying liar. I said no more new, no more creative...I said I was getting down to production mode. So what do I do the second I get time to tat yesterday? Do I start making stock? No, of course not. I leaf through my stack of books again and and start playing with edgings. I found one that was a much more basic version of the Pomegranate edging I was so fond of form Anne Orr's book when I first started tatting. This one was in another 40's era book and as soon as I got through the first motif in the pattern I stopped. I though why this would make a fine earring. I thought it had made itself, but then I spent another twenty minutes trying to suss out the top portion. I had also added the bottom ring on whim.

As soon as that was done, I asked twitter for advice. Not only did they point out that the design might look neat upside down as well, but asked for a few colors. Since it was such a quick design, I obliged with a light pink and a green version. The green was another hand dyed by Heather and the slight mottle really adds to the art nouveau feel of the piece. It never fails to amaze me what a simple color change can do.

Once the other pairs were made up, I went onto the original idea, which was to make a choker out of the edging. Since I made the earrings first and I liked the way that the top arch made them look, I added a second row to the edging along with the other modifications I had already made. At this point it was quite dark out and even the phone picture is terrible awful, but since I did take one, I though I'd show you. I thought about adding even another chain edge, but then the design no longer matches the earrings, so I think this is the final piece. Then I thought I'd also try out a simple necklace, one with the motif at the center and the Josephine chains on the sides. I made one to match the green earrings, but by the time I finished that one, I had no interest in attempting a photo. So I'll share that one tomorrow after I have decent listing photos of everything. Then I think I will get a set done upside down as was suggested. I think there are a couple of little changes it will need to hang well and I might add some crystals from that set. I won't attempt a reverse choker, but the simple necklace might still work with the design inverted or perhaps that one will just be a pendant and I'll hang it from a chain.

See, I'm a big old lying liar, but hopeful you like what I make when I'm suppose to be working.


Meg said...

You *are* working. You're just doing "product research and development." :) (Seriously, you are. And the pieces are beautiful.)

tatterjil said...

We always like what you make. :D