Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keeping Up Apperances

I managed to stay on task yesterday despite the cold and the kittens. I finished up the pair of ankle corsets that needed making and all the pieces I sent off for the photo shoot returned, so I got those all back into the shop. I even managed to get a supply order out even though I always hate doing those. I always forget something and Murphy's Law seems to dictate that the ordering of seemingly essential supplies results in no sales rendering them useless for a time. Yes, I know that the opposite holds true as well, had I not ordered them, I would have run out of something important just as it was vitally needed. So in the end the ordering is really the best course of action.

I have a few more pieces on tap to be remade today and for one I have the white thread out so I was thinking of making the newest design in white for the bridal section. I won't lie though, part of the reason I'm making pieces in several colors is I almost have 200 items listed in the shop. I have never had that many before and the easiest way to pad the numbers is items in multiple colors. The other option is to go on a designing binge again, but I don't want to get too distracted in case sales do suddenly pick up.

Since I've already brought up numbers and you likely know I have an unhealthy obsession with them, though not as personal validation, I thought I'd share a couple more exciting ones. I have recently broken 2000 followers on twitter, this was hard to do as I often get followed by spammers and folks that just want a follow back so they disappear quickly and I rarely get followed back when I follow someone new because they are usually way cooler than me. I don't blame them either...I talk a lot. Second number excitement, I recently broke 7000 hearts or favorites for my etsy shop. Again I didn't immediately announce this one because the number fluctuates quite a bit as people clean out their favorite lists, but I've cleared far enough that I think it will stick. Now if I could only reach the illusive 1000 fans on facebook I would be set, well number wise anyway and since those numbers have little to do with sales, it's all just appearances anyway.

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