Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Art Nouveau Collection

Dear Universe, What the Hades? Seriously, I mean it looks like you like me, but do you want me to actually implode from the stress? No, I am not going to explain this outburst at this time. I will explain it at some future time when my head makes proper sense of the timing of it all. For now you will just have to wonder what the heck I woke up to that would make me want to write that first thing in the morning.

I promised you pictures of all the pieces that I came up with on Monday, but I don't want to overwhelm so I'll just share a couple. The rest are of course currently listing in the etsy shop for your veiwing pleasure. First up is the choker. I know you already saw the awesome photo of it yesterday held in my hand, but here it is worn. It is a fairly standard looking choker, but I do like the way the chains created the arches along the top edge. The next one here is the basic necklace that I created to match. I actually made two of these. The other is in pink with a slightly different chain section. I honestly still haven't decided which of those I like better.

The last one I wanted to show you is the inverted pieces. I turned them upside down, but I also lengthened the bottom side chains to give it a more chandelier look. Oh and I also adjusted the side rings so they appear a little more even. On this pair I hung some crystals, but I also listed a set in red without them and I think they look fine either way. Of course that could just be me being lazy as I am not the best wire wrapper in the world and it hurts my little hands a bit.

As you might have guessed from my earlier outburst, I'm going to be stressed out and likely quite busy today. No, it's nothing terribly least I don't think it is yet, but there are some timing issues that the Universe could work on. I hope I'm entertaining you Universe...I would hate it if you got bored. Anyway, I'm off to it all now.

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Marilee Rockley said...

This is a lovely collection of variations on a theme. Amazing how you got all that designed and finished so quickly!