Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Sepia

I know there will come a time when you will all be so sick of kitten talk that you will simply stay away, but as they are dominating my day currently...there will be more kitten talk.First though, here is one of the sepia things I did the other day. I got in some ring blanks in brass tone, so I thought that was perfect for the browns. I might also get one made in the deep purple as that shade looks good with brass as well, but my to do list is rather long lately.

Now back to kittens. We let them into the rest of the house and there was mighty chaos as the roamed, got hissed at and battled on the stairs. The most significant adjustment for me was this one. They opted to nap on my lap while the children slept. This meant I was twisted about in order to get my tatting done during what is usually my most productive hour and the second they awoke it was battle time on my lap. So far, they have shown limited interest in my thread, but this was just day one. I foresee much chaos in our future.

I do have many pieces still needed to be remade and I'm waiting on a customer to finish up their order. Sure, I could do it first, but I have recently learned my lesson regarding services without prior payment. I want to say I have something else to share, but I'm also rocking a nice head cold, so it could be nothing. So off to it then...I think.


Tatfully Yours said...

Maybe when all your kids (furry and not) are napping you will get some tatting done! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I doubt that I will ever be tired of kitten talk. (Just as I never tire of tatting talk.)

the (currently) catless

Jane S. said...

Well I really enjoy reading about your kittens and seeing pictures of them. My beloved cat just died a week ago and I still think I see him and hear him in the house. :(

So keep telling us about your kitties! They are so cute.

AJ said...

Sleeping kittens are the cutest! And the contrast between their black and white coats makes a beautiful image :)

Crazy Mom! said...

I love the kitties. Of course, I have one, or two - or three. (I've had six, but that's just too much!)

Handle them a lot - it will make them better kitties when they are grown.