Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New, New, New

Yay, so much tatting done and there are even photos to share. First up we have the wedding lot that includes the new tatted moth and a fine bevy of boutonnieres. There is a little finishing work that still needs to be done on these before they are off, some jump rings, a little stiffening and a few pressed petals. Otherwise though the pile is complete. I think I might post up the pattern to the moth once I get some time to write it out properly.

Next up we have a brand new set based on the Tenebrous pattern that I mentioned yesterday. Sometimes all I need is a good reason to muck with a pattern. First I came up with the choker version by converting half the design into an edging. It is very similar to other edgings but this one matches perfectly. I was over thinking the conversion at first with split rings and other nonsense. In the end it was just moving a picot, dropping another and adding a strategically placed chain and done.

Last was the conversion of my Petite Goth bracelet into a matching piece. This one had to be over thought and once I had the plot I started the bracelet. This wouldn't have been a problem except my original idea was to make the little edge motif first and then tat it into the bracelet when I reached the center. Rather than stop and start over once I realized I jumped the gun, I just figured out a new way to work it in. Surprisingly the unholy union of the two designs seems to have worked. I still need to lengthen the piece and make its mate as well, but I'm happy with the matched set at this point.

Lastly today, I would like to thank everyone who offered suggestions and help regarding the Wunderkammer both here and elsewhere. I appreciate the advice and the offers. I had a handful of folks willing to do guest curations and my response was that I am too much of a control freak to keep my hands off of them at this point. Rather than abandon the idea though, I will be brainstorming for a way that I think they might work. I also think that the posting dates of the Wunderkammer will be shifting to Tuesday through Saturday so I don't have to do them on the weekend at all. It was also suggested that I do some in advance and schedule the posts for later. I have tried that in the past and almost every time something featured would sell in the meantime and I disliked having sold pieces there meaning I'd go back and redo the whole thing. So that's the plan for now...crap it's bill day, I've gotta fly.


Bombdigity said...

I am so behind on my blog reading, as usual lol

I LOVE the moths!!!! wow, I really hope you decide to offer those in some form (smaller or diff colors) they seriously rock!! I see fairy wings, but thats just me =o) great job!

nullalux said...

Just received them in the mails!

I love them! So. Much.