Friday, August 13, 2010

Grand Daisy Ankle Corsets

A good Friday the 13th to you all. This was definitely my favorite non holiday when I was younger. I would dress all up in black and try to scare or at least disturb everyone around me. Of course as I got older I was dressing black most days anyway and it sort of lost any sense of strangeness. This Friday I do have something in black to show you though. The newest ankle corset design was completed after some trial and error made possible by my Internet friends.

After the first one was done I asked for opinions as it didn't feel finished to me. After some opinions on facebook and twitter I decided to make up the second with another flower at the side. Then it was proffered to the people again for further analysis. It was much better filled in. Here's where making it almost entirely out of separate motifs came in handy, I just cut out the last bit of the first and made it exactly as the second and I was done.

I also placed one of the corsets on my neck and realized that along with the bracelet I had already decided I was making, this would make quite a dramatic choker. So as you might have guessed that is on tap for today. The bracelet I already made up, but haven't listed yet as I like to keep new pieces to one a day.

The last thing I'd like to share is the birthday deal I decided on yesterday as I accidentally made a few too many daisy motifs. We're going to go with a gift with purchase. Every order from today through Sunday the 15th, my actual birthday will come with a free small daisy pendant. I'll be announcing this on twitter, facebook and in the announcements of the shop. To get the free pendant you must wish me a 'Happy Birthday' in the notes to seller. No 'happy', no freebie. I will talk to you again when I am another year older...sigh.


BSOTF said...

Happy Friday the 13th to you too! Your work is lovely & nice to look at. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

God's Kid said...

Everything looks great! And early Happy Birthday!!! May your birthday be the best! :)