Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ah, September

Well that will teach me to get all picture happy...not a single comment on the new designs nor the grand pile of wedding goodness. I see how it is. Of course with my personal track record of rarely if ever commenting on anything I read, I really ought not be judging. I have no real reason for not doing so either, just not compelled I suppose. See now you have to resist commenting about how you didn't comment because of my keenly laid guilt trap. No, really, it's fine...I know you're out there either way.

Yesterday was a busy day, just not tatting busy. I had the first meeting of the year with my daughters teacher in the morning. Since this is our second year, it was all very much review and reminders. It did however push the days schooling back to after lunch and my child does not function her best after noon. We rushed through and got what needed to be done, done and then they napped. I rushed to do the finishing work on the pile of wedding stuff. Turned the moths into pendants and cleaned up some bits on the boutonnieres. I learned that a little clear quilting filament is perfect for invisibly sewing together bits that didn't want to behave during tatting. I think it is my new favorite hidden tool.

I need to get the finishing done on the gray tenebrous pieces today and get some good pictures to send the future owner before I ship those out. I did start working on a black choker with the new pattern so hopefully I'll get that finished and listed as well. I also ought to get working on masks again. I wanted to keep them in stock for Halloween, but there are apparently a fair amount of Masquerade weddings coming up. It is actually a little odd how many late summer and early fall wedding there are this year...or rather ones that I am aware of or providing jewelry to anyway. I suppose it's likely no more than usually, it is only my awareness of them that's changed.

So, that's pictures or amazing insight. Nothing else I can think of to say except have a nice day!


Gina said...

LOL! Well, I was going to comment about how I really like the boutineers (can't spell it though) and then got sidetracked. And thought I might have said it before. :-)))

Adam said...

the best cure for writing block is to write. ;) said...

OR we're all speechless by your mad skills?