Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday Down

First thing in the morning I got the new mask listed, then I took to remaking a few things all the while trying to keep the kids from making any new messes. Then there was a trip to the vet for my oldest cat to get new blood work done. I will hopefully be receiving word about her today. I', just hoping that her infection is gone and her medication is working so I can relax, though I fear it is more likely that I will hear that her kidneys are failing or something all tragic.I shall put that out of my mind for the time being.

I decided in the afternoon that I wasn't finished with the Grand Daisy stuff. Sure, I have the pendant, the two different chokers and now a mask, but since I'm revisiting the motif why not keep going. The next idea was for an ankle corset design. The idea is unformed right now, but will feature the larger daisy in the center surrounded in some capacity by the smaller ones. I really have no idea if this will work out. but I'll give it a go. Using separate motifs also lets me shift gears in the design by cutting out a small piece of the work rather than having to start all over, so that's nice. I was just thinking of perhaps knocking out a simple bracelet first too, that should be pretty simple if the sizes work out alright.

I also have my house guest here safe and sound for a few days which means I'll be busy entertaining, or rather supervising my children entertaining. I've got some babysitting to do for my sister and a family dinner this evening. It is entirely possible that I will get round to doing nothing on my to do list, but I suppose there is really no rush on anything except the self created one anyway.


Sewicked said...

Lovely, lovely house guest fun. I hope that everything's well with kitty and you have great family fun time.

Anitra Cameron said...

As usual, I'm in awe of your work. That mask is stunning!

Have a lovely visit with your houseguest!