Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Nearly As Good As Yesterday

I did spend much of Monday with my efforts directed elsewhere. Made beaded bracelets with the girls and I got some newly acquired supplies integrated into their boxes. While I was in there though, I took to piecing together something from some bits and chains and I kept coming back to it throughout the day until I had this. Yes, I know it's a bit odd and contains very little actually tatting, but I for some reason I can't quite put my finger on I decided I liked it. I will likely get some real pictures today and get it listed.

Then toward the late afternoon I was trying to decide what to do next. There is actually quite a list of things I need to make up again in brown, but my thread is almost depleted and I am waiting until I get an order of it in. I know, weird that I ordered brown thread, but I found such a deal online and my local JoAnns is pathetic in it's supplies, but I digress. I decided to make a scarf. Yes, I am aware that it is August, but I haven't made one in a while and I thought it might be nice to try another pattern for one.

I grabbed the basic pattern from one of the vintage pattern books and adjusted it for my purposes. It's a fairly common clover zigzag pattern and will make a very skinny scarf. This means that I will have to compensate for the width, by making it ridiculously long. This also means that this will be the fall back project. You know the one you work on when you have nothing better to do. I'm making it with a sock weight hand dyed wool yarn that was actually gifted to me by a lovely etsy seller when I was making my first few scarves. It's a large skin, but it has a break in middle which is likely why it's mine.

Also, isn't it funny how bad my in progress pictures are as opposed to my listing one. Well, that's because these are taken at, what is it...5 in the morning with no natural light next to my computer screen. Oh and I also wrapped up my latest giveaway on facebook with a promise to do another when I reach 1000 fans. Right now, I'm thinking it might be a mask, but we'll see how busy or distracted I am when the time rolls around. I have no idea what I'll be working on today, but hopefully I'll at least have better pictures of these to show you.


Sewicked said...

If you have fabulous in-progress photos, then you're not paying enough attention to the tatting. *evil grin*

erin said...

Heehee - what Sewie said.

The necklace is beautiful. And your work is lovely. I've enjoyed seeing and reading about it. Just thought I'd pop out of lurkdom and say, "Hi!"

Paige said...

That hand dyed wool is really cool... even if it is a fall back project I'm looking forward to the end results.