Monday, August 23, 2010

The Week Ends With Drama

Welcome to Monday, I hope your trip here was pleasant. Personally, my weekend was chock full of daring, drama and food. Let us start with Friday shall we. More drama was on tap for me as a search through a blog revealed the terrible accusation of stalking and copying upon my person, though not named, it was clear enough to me. I immediately contacted the accuser and defended myself as it was all misconstrued and twisted up. Though I feel like the air was cleared I fear there will be lasting damage to my reputation from the incident as I didn't immediately catch it and many read, believed and consoled. I imagine if you're here you're not likely one of them, but please believe that while I troll the tatting on etsy endlessly, I do not watch any one's every move. I also imagine if you're here you know where my ideas come from and the pieces in question were fully explained here as old ones that if you go further back in blog, in fact to nearly the beginning to will discover the first time I made them. Also I am not a hoarder of knowledge, I care about the future of tatting and have done what I can to help more people learn and keep it alive. Lastly, I do not believe that I am a 'queen of tatting'. I am proud of what I have done and I have found my niche and I work hard at it, but there are a great many tatters that greatly exceed not only my skill level, but my design ability as well. Point is, it was a bad day and thanks to a wonderful tatting/twitter friend I was able to survive and eventually laugh at the issues and move on.

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of activity leading up to our house anniversary party. Cleaning, preparing food, cleaning, and well, more cleaning. The party itself was the busiest I've ever thrown even though only half of those who said they would come did. Even more surprising is the groups of people we were afraid would not get on, already knew each other in that 'this town is too small' sort of way. We stayed up late, the kids had fun and we spent Sunday back to cleaning and eating all that leftover food. I though about letting the house go to pot for a while, just to relax, but my brother and his fiance are visiting in a couple of weeks, so I might as well attempt to at least maintain this level of clean for a while.

As you can imagine I tatted very little, though I did get to show some of it off to friends who had no idea what I did with my time. I also learned that my needle holder is an irresistible object to smaller children than mine. I picked them up on more that one occasion after a toddler had let spill the contents. I did sell a mask over the weekend, so that's on the agenda for today and I received the very nicely modeled shots of my boutonniere. I will have to get another in that color scheme made up so I can list it with the great pictures later. I also need to suss out the best way to indicate that the piece is available in any color combination. I mean, I say that, but I think people tend to be visuals shoppers and it's more effective to show them than tell them anything.

Here's my wish for a nice busy, but drama free week complete with much tatting, chatting and ending with a sigh of contentment. Please forward to any stars, deities or wishing wells in your vicinity, thank you.

Photo credit: J Catli, model: Ryan Howard


Tatfully Yours said...

Your weekend sounds alot like mine! We survived the family bbq that we were hosting and I am already for a wedding in 3 weeks. So I am hoping to get some tatting done this week. I really do not know how you fit sooo much into your day!! I only wish I could get more done!!!!

Sewicked said...

How hard/time-consuming would it be to do the boutonniere in 3 or 4 different color combos? What about doing something simple with each color that you keep in stock, for 'see, here are the colors' sampler?

Orin said...

Piękna broszka. Bardzo podoba mi się zestawienie kolorystyczne :)

Beelizabeth said...

I love the way the boutonniere turned out- seeing the modeled picture makes a difference in how it looks. I'm glad your party was a positive experience- despite all the work.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

for some odd reason I knew exactly where to look on who said those things, funny I thought the same thing about her.
Dont worry about it, those who know you know the truth :)
On another note I sent your thread today :D