Friday, August 6, 2010


Here we are at the end of another week. I'm afraid I have nothing new to show to today as I was lucky enough to sell a mask yesterday and went straight to work on that. I did notice something interesting while I was making it though. There are some patterns I have done so many times that I could do them in my sleep. In fact my familiarity with them as they are prevents me from attempting anything new with them at all. You see, if I change anything then not only would I have to unlearn the previous method, I would feel compelled to get new pictures and loose what I now think of an an iconic image for me.

I thought about this as I questioned a few on my creation methods and while I did not actually have any radical ideas that would have necessitated all of the above, I did do one small thing different and it was quite refreshing and resulted in one of those, 'why haven't I been doing this all along?' moments. What, you ask? I simply made the free floating rings first and attached them while creating rather than making them last and contorting myself to get them attached. I guess the next trick would be to see if I can learn how to neatly throw off a always looks more like it was puked off when I try, though honestly I've only tried a couple of times. That's the major drawback to being a bit of a perfectionist, if it isn't perfect straight away and there already exists another way to accomplish something, I just move on.

I do have quite a busy week ahead and I will likely drop a few balls. My Grandfather is coming to visit, there are vet appointments and people to call and more cleaning to be done as we've set a date for our long postponed house warming. We've only lived here a year now come mid month, but there are so many people we haven't had over to see the house. Of course before those people arrive everything must be enviably perfect. Ok, that is so not going to happen with two kids, but I can still at least get pictures on the walls and make sure the carpets and toilets are clean. As you see, I am obsessing a little on this so expect periodic updates on the final putting together of the house. Now off to it then.

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