Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Moth

It was one of those days where I was waiting for something to happen so I would have something to share with you in the morning, but it was a fairly dull day. Of course it started out with my cat unintentionally biting my index finger as I gave her medicine...hard. Then as I neglected my coffee to nurse my wounds, a fly decided to go for a swim in my coffee of course. Lucky for me there was a bit of coffee left in the pot, but this is how you set a negative tone for the day.

Then there was school and I spent much of the rest of the day working slowly on a mask because of my finger wound. The mask is going to take a Gothic cruise. I know, goths and a boat seem like an odd idea, but hey why not. I did get my new boutonniere pictures up and they do enhance the listing a great deal. It was a fabulous idea to get more colors made up to show in the listing, but I was just too busy, so I used pictures of the existing colors and called it a custom listing. I keep thinking I should take a large 'color choices' picture to link to in the shop, but that would mean I'd have to dig out all the balls of thread and take said pictures...yeah, I'm too lazy for that.

I've also got a couple of custom orders waiting for me to suss out design details. First I have a wedding that wishes for Luna moths. I could have just phoned it in and used the simple butterfly pattern that we all know, but I decided to go ahead and try for moth. The first go was not it, so I stopped after the first side. Then I tried again and while this one is definitely almost there, I think the top wings need to be a bit bigger and I wish I could get the body to flatten into itself a bit better. Though I haven't pressed it yet and I can fix that bit there.

I'll probably fiddle with this design a bit more this morning and then I've got another bride to take care of. This one is a pair of long gauntlets and so I get to work out the best way to graduate a design over 8 inches to look natural. This is the same challenge I faced when making the gloves which I stopped doing from stress. The one I worked on is still about here somewhere though, so if I figure out this arm thing well, I might pull it back out and try to finish it. Then I've still got a couple of pieces waiting to be remade. I do love being busy when it has nothing to do with cleaning anyway.


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Bombdigity said...

I was totally thinking about your mentioning the other colors option for your boutonniere pics and had this thought: can you open the picture in an editing program and adjust the color/balance/hue to change the colors so that you have an image to show while you are working on the other colors?

love the moth btw!!