Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo Unrelated

Well happy Monday my friends and a hearty Huzzah, I have slept. After my husband took over the weekend sleepover duties in the kids room, last night I returned only to stay for a mere half hour. They appear to have slept though the night, as have I. Of course there's all that sleep deficit that I'll be working through for the next week or so added to be a weekend full of weed eradication that gave me claw hand, but the task is complete and we have just those backsliding days to look forward to now.

I'm afraid I have no shiny tatting pictures to show though it is not for lack of working. There was much tatting over the weekend as I made up many moths and boutonnieres for an upcoming wedding. The only sad news I have to report, is while the hand dyed yard arrived and it is stunningly gorgeous, my monitor lied to me and it is far lighter than the pictures I saw. My husband kept chirping wysiwyg at me, but in the past the color difference from the images has been so slight as to be irrelevant. It's not a problem though, I had ordered some commercial thread in advance as a fall back position and it's shade is just fine if not as exotic, so that is what I used.

I also had another customer return to ask for a custom colored set. The pieces she wanted, while similar didn't really match so I offered to design her set a little more cohesively. She accepted so after today's home school sessions, I'll be designing a nice simple new necklace based on the Tenebrous sets. They themselves are based on a vintage diamond or square shaped motif so all I really need to work out is the best way to chop them in half and string them together. I've already got that worked out in theory, so it's really just about doing today.

In other news, I'm getting sick of my other blog, the Wunderkammer. Well not really sick of it, but rather enslaved to in. I've made both of my blogs Monday through Friday endeavors and with the Wunderkammer that means writing the day before. So the only day I have off completely is Saturday. I know, I don't 'have' to do it those's not like I'm getting paid or even have more than the one project wonderful paid ad. Point is I'm starting to think of that one as a job...that I don't get paid for. It started because I was always making treasuries at etsy and this way they might actually get seen by an outside audience. I wanted to not only help out sellers that I thought were talented, but help other people wade through all the crap at etsy to find the interesting gems in this niche, but I guess I'm starting to feel like I need to get 'something' out of it. The simple satisfaction is not cutting it so much anymore. Is it wrong to want a little, I don't know...something? There really wasn't a point to this ramble, I just needed to vent. Now it's off to the tatting and I promise there will be pictures of tatting in the morning and hopefully a lot of it. In the meantime please enjoy this picture I took of a pair of love.


Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

Before you give up the Wunderkammer, consider that the people you feature then discover you and your work (like me!) It may not pay off immediately, but I think it is a wonderful way for you to promote yourself. I can see where it is a lot of work though.

Sarah Dungan said...

I know no one likes to say it but...paid adverts on the blog? Selling ad space seems to be something that people think is some kind of selling out un-indie-designer-faux-paus, but I disagree.

Paige said...

Why not have one day a week that is a guest day on the Wunderkammer? You could try to arrange it so that you get the guest post a week in advance in case you need to tweak anything and then all you have to do is post it on the given day. I don't know if there's maybe a program or automater that would allow you to pre-program the posts so you wouldn't necessarily have to do it on the day?

Or maybe recruit some help?