Friday, August 27, 2010

Kuroneko Sama

Night three of sleeping on floor...tired...shall attempt complete sentences momentarily...yawn. You know what's funny, I really did just yawn while writing that sentence. This isn't fiction people, I'm exhausted. They were better last night and while the youngest did come down for cuddling, there was no sad whimpering. Tonight I trade with Daddy and we can see what they do without Mommy and more importantly, we'll see how I do on a real nights sleep.

Yesterday wasn't an amazing day, but it did have several moments of wonderful. From the early morning 'thank you' from a customer telling me how her earrings made her outfit to the lovely bride two weeks from her wedding telling me how much she loves her necklace and can't wait to wear it. The day was full of pleasant sentiments. I went about reading a few blogs as my cat had bit through my finger...again and I needed to stall a while before I could tat again pain free. I commented and received a few more utterly sweet responses. In fact all my dealings with people yesterday were wonderful. Twitter people were funny, etsy people who just wrote to say they liked something and my moth was shockingly well received by it's commissioner. I don't know what was in the kool-aid yesterday, but please keep drinking it, I like this world.

I did get some better pictures of the cat mask and I kept thinking that it looked just like an anime cat, but which one was alluding me. When it came time to name the piece I thought harder and the answer came to me. It's the cat from the Trigun series. So that's what I named it, Kuroneko Sama. I'd also like to point out my...interesting picture here. I wanted to show what it would look like were you to wear black makeup around the eyes when wearing the mask, but I did not want to muck up the mask with makeup, so I drew it on the picture in gimp. I know, sad right? It actually looks fine in the thumbnail, but as the picture gets bigger, well you can tell how 'awesome' I am. I also didn't wear any extra makeup before taking the pictures, didn't put on anything interesting. In other words I totally phoned these in. Luckily I think the mask looks neat anyway.

I didn't get my thread in yet, but I didn't really expect to. It might show today, more likely tomorrow, but I did start work on the wedding piece anyway as they are all two color and I can get some stages knocked out while I wait. On a side note, needle tatting with a band aid on my index finger is quite cumbersome. On another side note, the fellow who initially sparked the boutonniere in the first place with a request and then vanished, reappeared this morning. I guess I'm not the only one who, if I don't respond immediately, will forget my head only to remember it many moons later. This is of course why I reply to things so very quickly. In fact if you ask me something and don't hear from me within a might want to ask again or you never will...seriously. Well that's it, I'll be working on wedding pieces and perhaps a little remaking over the weekend, but otherwise no big plans. After last weekends massive party, I look forward to a little nothing. Oh and never think you're speaking out of turn when you offer a friendly opinion or comment. I mean, I may not listed to you, but I love that you shared, really!

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Stephanie Grace said...

*Pokes head out of closet* I guess I can come out now then! :-D

Glad to hear you get a reprieve from the floor! Here's to you getting a good night's sleep!!! Sweet dreams, dear!

-Stephanie Grace