Monday, August 9, 2010


First off, I'd like to point out that over the weekend I received my 300th follower here on this blog. This number is both ridiculous and humbling. So, thank you to all the folks out there that think enough of my rambling to bookmark me in their favorites. I'd like to say that I will try to never disappoint you, but that would be a bold faced lie...I ramble mostly for my own sake so I am bound to disappoint occasionally.

So, I'm working steadily on cleaning up the house and putting it together a bit more since my Grandfather arrives today for a visit and will be staying here for a spell. I know I don't have to impress him, but honestly it gives me the motivation to take care of things that I would otherwise put off. If you're wondering, the ants seem to have retreated though I have no idea if it is merely a brief respite or if they've really gone for the season. I did resort to spraying good old Raid around the exterior of the house, so perhaps the barrier is holding. I am now knocking on wood.

What I was trying to get round to saying in that last paragraph before it took a turn was I did find time to tat and when I did I had one of those precious 'a ha' moments. I was working on remaking a necklace when I looked over at a motif 'mistake' I had on the table. I had been making a center flower for one of the Grand Daisy pieces when I made it with a 6 based flower instead of a 5 which made it all warped. Turns out the warp made it perfect for a nose piece of a new mask. I had tried a daisy mask before, but my method was fatally flawed and I gave up on it before I ever shared. This time I think I got the plot.

I didn't list it straight away though. Instead I asked for help naming the piece. I am seriously running low on appropriate Labyrinth lyrics, but I got 'A Land Serene' and 'Brighter Than Sunlight' as possible ones. So put to a random vote, 'A Land Serene' won in a landslide. I think partly because it's not a bright mask. I do, however think the design would lend itself to color. In fact, I think it might even be able to handle several colors of flowers, perhaps still with the black around the outside and the inside making it a bit of a stained glass look or maybe green for a more flowery look. I'm really just brainstorming out loud here. I have reached another point where I don't know when I'll have the time to get around to trying out any of these ideas. I will get the mask listed today though...hopefully.


God's Kid said...

I like the flowers in the mask. :)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I love it when mistakes become design elements! Congratulations! It looks great.

erin said...

Pretty mask! How about "Belladonna"? You know, "beautiful lady" as well as deadly plant. Just a thought. ;-)

Ann said...

Love the mask, mistake or intention it drew me in to read about it!