Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Has A Hard Act To Follow

I know I said I would get that bracelet listed yesterday, but I didn't. I never even got the camera out to try better pictures. Well, I did take a picture of what turned out to be a huge katydid on the side of the house, but that is really neither here nor there.

I started the day remaking the small things I sold over the weekend, the pity birthday sales. Not that I am not grateful for each and every one, but I was honestly a little sad that an incentive like a free gift only netted a few tiny sales. In fact it contributed to the overall low mood during the weekend. That was all undone last night as the sales began pouring in for no apparent reason. Even this morning as I look over the analytics data I can see nothing out of the ordinary. There was no spike in traffic from any source, it just seems that more of the people visiting had just gotten paid or something. What else was so nice about Monday's sales, even though I had to cancel a large one this morning because the customer misread the listing and thought I was selling the shoes and that would normally be devastating, I still feel fine. So, go Monday, you rock.

Today will be spent making a pair of sold ankle corsets and since they generally take two days and I started them late yesterday, that is all I will be doing. Tomorrow will be spent remaking the necklaces and bracelets that sold and after so much new creation lately, it's nice to get into production mode for a spell. It also coincides nicely with the home school jump start I'm up to. After several failed attempts to get into the newly redesigned online school, we were off like a rocket yesterday. At two weeks until the official start to school. I'm hoping we can earn ourselves a nice safety bumper against those off days where nothing is bound to get done.

I'm also working with my thread dying genius to match a color for a special wedding party. The kicker, the color is the same as my hair. No, not the purple part, the blue and yes, that is the color they are trying for...well it's not just my hair that is this color, but it is the hair dye shade that they want. I actually ordered some commercial thread to see if it would match and while it's close, I think we'll keep trying to dye it. Oh and a special thank you to Barbara Foster at Handy Hands for superb customer service. Along with the blue thread I had ordered some other colors to try and was sent one wrong ball. I used the simple order contact form and was quickly responded to and offered the correct color. I have always recommended their site to new tatters and will continue to do so. So for all your tatting needs that's hhtatting.com.

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Sewicked said...

I love that shop, so full of the tempting. Glad to hear that Monday rocked. Keep us posted about the blue thread, especially if the story's funny.