Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dainty Daisy

How did I do all this last year? I am running on empty over here trying to get all the things done in a day that need doing and three days out I already miss my summer vacation. The morning is spent with the kids doing school, once that's done it's laundry, dishes, housework then somehow it's already lunch time. Then I've only got the afternoon left to write up the Wunderkammer, work on orders, tat and there's still dinner to worry about and more cleaning, oh and lest we forget all the random errands and whatnot that intrude on my time. Just three days of this and I am spent. I suppose I'll get back into the rhythm of it and I'll be fine, but right now I'm a mess.

So given all that whining up there you might be shocked to learn that I did in fact get something new done and listed. I'm calling it the dainty daisy. It's the smaller of the two daisy motifs that I use in all those Grand Daisy pieces. This time I added smaller crystals and used smaller thread and made up three of them for a necklace and earring set. I felt they needed something a little more to hang them from than just a picot so I also strung some sterling silver beads and another crystal onto a pin to hang the daisy from. I think it makes the piece look a bit more finished and well, fancy.

Don't expect anything interesting tomorrow though as I am scheduled to do the floors today. By that I mean that I am vacuuming, carpet cleaning and scrubbing all the tile as well. The children will be off while I accomplish this feat and I am crossing my fingers that the cats have all their fur balls out of their systems and keep any that remain in until after Saturdays house anniversary party. We've been calling it a house warming, but anniversary is more appropriate. In fact yesterday marked one year since we became home owners. I am never doing that again...we're living here until the end of time barring sudden millionaire status of course. While I have no real desire for this day to begin I haven't the power to stop it, so I'm off to it then. Wish me sanity.

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