Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Saw That Coming

The day was a slow crawl of making and teaching. No major sales, no interesting anecdotes,nothing. I was hard at work getting the days school taken care of, cleaning again and getting those ankle corsets made up. I had little time for anything else until the children napped.

This is the point in the day where all those sales from the day before left me starved for attention, a condition commonly suffered by Leos. So I went on a google trip of discovery. Well first I checked out and tweeted all the recent treasury collections from etsy that I was included in. There are quite a few as Halloween is already in peoples minds and my fancy mask was pretty popular. Then I went a-googling. What's funny is when I did a text search all I found was the same old links that I am familiar with, my shop, blogs and a few old features from more popular places. When I did an image search however, I found a treasure trove.

What I discovered as I scrolled down the page were a bunch of little collages or collections of my listing images that I never put together. Clicking on them revealed several articles including my work from exotic locals. Well, exotic to me anyway a few in Russian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Portuguese and Spanish. I think there were more as well, but you get the point. They're all a little dated, but I never knew they existed. I also ran across some tatting blogs with pieces made from my free patterns and even a few just talking about something I had written, which was a little surreal to say the least. I am disappointed in my google alerts for not finding an alerting me to all this goodness. Perhaps some settings need tweaking. It is nice to know that I did make wave however small, a few months ago...yep, that sates the ego for a spell, but just a spell.

I fear today will be more making as I did not finish the ankle corsets and I have at least two necklace that need remaking. I was thinking about making up some simple daisies as earrings and a pendant to list later. I can knock out fairly quickly and I'll keep the shop fresh. Speaking of fresh though, if you haven't stopped by etsy lately, they're widening the shop pages in a slow roll out, so you can head over and see if you can see it yet. Let me know what you think of my announcement section and new tag line above the banner. I made some adjustments to fit the look better, but not everyone can see it that way yet.

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Jo Campbell said...

The new Etsy layout suprised me earlier today. Your shop looks great in it (I've just been over for a look) - and will hopefully inspire me to update mine.