Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Grand Daisy Choker

Well, it's Monday. I wish I could say that I had the best birthday ever yesterday, but it wasn't. Oh, there were no major disasters, but I suppose the mental weight of financial issues, getting the house ready for guests and aging one more year without any notable achievements weighed heavily on me. It also did not help that my oldest was in a particularly self involved mood and wanted to do nothing. The day picked up as it went along, but I guess I add another to the crap pile and move on.

What I do have to show you though is a most pleasant new design. The new ankle corset design was expanded a bit to make it longer and the chain portions in the front were adjusted a smidge to lay better on the neck, but otherwise this is just an ankle corset around my neck and I think it looks great. I am also unnaturally in love with that black and white image there. Sometimes I just can't believe how lucky I can get with a picture taken in my dining room with the camera remote in hand. Man, I love that picture...anyway. The necklace was listed on Friday I think.

I didn't do much but clean on Saturday hoping to avoid it on my birthday...I didn't. I did get something made up on Sunday though it's not really new. I had ordered the wrong size crystals at one point. They are a little too large for my mask and I hadn't found a proper usage for them. I thought adding them to the extra picots in the daisy design might be fun so I made the cuff bracelet complete with crystals. This one isn't listed yet and I wish could really capture the shine in pictures, but that is my weak point. I might try a couple of outside shots to see if I can get a little gleam later, but don't count on it.

I've got much more to clean and put together this week along with getting a head start on the home schooling. It's going to take some time to adjust back to that as I had gotten used to extra tatting time over the summer and that will be gone at least until the dust settles and we get back into a comfy routine. Off to it then and may my next trip round the Sun end on a higher note.


God's Kid said...

Love the beads added to the bracelet! :)

Sewicked said...

My mom got threatened on her birthday (in a well-meaning way; b'day present from 2 friends was a new phone. Giver threatened mom if she ever turned the phone off much trouble would ensue. Mom's 75, we worry).

Did you at least get good pressies? Coupons for room-cleaning or dish-washing from the daughters for example?