Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Ankle Corset

Ah, yesterday was exactly what I needed it to be, calm. My grandfather had himself a round of golf in morning leaving me some time to pick up and then relax. The kids have been thankfully addicted to their legos for days and with no further news regarding money or the cats health. I got to focus on work.

While I did spend much of the day finishing up a pair of sold ankle corsets and remaking a few necklaces that just needed hardware attached, I did get round to the new design toward the evening. I thought about making the whole piece a very dense design, but decided to make it more like the mask and added a simple chain edging to tie the pieces together. I did get more done after the picture here as well. I added chains climbing between the three lengths of daisies and I think I might have finished with the first of the pair. I'll lace it on later today and see how it lays. If it works, I'll move onto the second and perhaps if time allows go back and get the bracelet made from the start of the design.

I have to tell you these ankle corsets, like the masks used to be much more fun to come up with as no one else was making them for sale and they were a pure creative endeavor, but now I feel more motivated by a competitive spirit. I don't like that spirit honestly, I prefer creating for the sheer joy of discovery, not so I can come up with better or more designs than someone shadowing me. I don't enjoy the feeling of constantly trying to, I don't know, defend myself I guess. Yeah, I'm just annoyed, but I won't let that stop me from creating what was my own idea in the first place. Sorry, I got all weird there for a minute.

So, moving grandfather heads down south today to visit more family and the house will want to get cleaned even more more for the upcoming housewarming thing. Hopefully, I'll be able to simply maintain this level of clean, but the children are likely to cooperate only for so long. There is also the matter of my birthday on Sunday, which I haven't yet decided how to handle online and off. Should I just let is quietly slip by as I'm inclined at this minute, or make it a sale day with lots of 'look at me'? I probably won't decide until it is here as my mind has elsewhere for some time. In the meantime, let there be tatting.

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Gala J. said...

Beautiful. I admire Your work for a long time.