Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Videos

So in lieu of answering all the feedback I got the day before yesterday, you just got the video, but I did in fact read all the video and tutorial suggestions. I got some for two color tatting, Victorian sets, the split rings and some more general tatting tips if you will. What I think I may do is start with an intro to needle tatting video. Basically tell folk what tools they need, where to get them, what books and sites I recommend for beginners and some finishing tips. This seemed like a good place to start, however it will require that I actually film myself talking and I might put that off until I get my hair prettied up. Yes, I know that's terribly vain of me, but I'm gonna put my face on youtube, I'm gonna look my best. Then I'll follow that up with a series of short videos with the intention of creating a little library of TotusMel tatting. No, I have no idea when you might be expecting all this to happen, but it's on the list to be created. I also don't want to over saturate the Internet with my presence so I might just drop them weeks apart for breathing room. If you have any more suggestions on what might make a useful video, please do let me know. I'm certainly not making these for me.

As far as the tatting goes, I finished making up a pair of my tatted spats even though I had already listed them as a custom piece. You see Coilhouse magazine is about to ship and my first print ad is it and that ad is a picture of those spats, so I thought it prudent to have a pair made, just in case the ad actually has an impact. Now I have heard that advertising works best upon repetition, so I actually bought four issues worth of ads hoping that the effect would take hold. So that being said, I don't really expect a huge impact from it the first go round, but better safe than sorry. I think I'm going to work on getting another Sepia piece made up today, likely the Woman bracelet and if it goes quickly I might make another up in the Black Tie colors as well to list. Oh and if you're interested I'm still running a Face Book Fan sale, the details are listed on the page.


Paige said...

I love the idea of the "intro to needle tatting" video. It might actually get me educated enough to decide if I want to add another craft to my repertoire.

mickchick831 said...

These video's are a great idea. There are so few needle tatting video's availible.
A piece that compares needle to shuttle would be interesting. You could highlight the pro's and con's of both. Possibly have a shuttle tatters input about why they prefer that method (pesonaly I find it extremly frustrating)
Just a thought. I can't wait to see the video's.