Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Monday

Oh my how the weekend was hot and yet we went outside anyway. I promise you'll get so such adventuring from me today. We went on Saturday to go see Inception which you must all go see as soon as possible on the largest screen possible with an empty bladder because you cannot leave the theater until it is over. If you enjoy thinking and seeing amazing things and the same time...well, just go see it. That is the whole of my movie review.

I did get something done on Friday at least. I had mentioned a new pendant idea. Well, it morphed into more of a necklace. It started as an In Bloom motif and then I turned around and rather than finish the outside row I started back the other direction weaving the chains and attaching them to the outside picots. I did this of course without planning out the attachments and it was a bit uneven though after the third go round with weaved chains it seems to have evened itself out. Of course as it's bottom heavy shape emerged it became clear that it was not going to be hanging from the center so after a bit of twitter discussion it became a necklace.

The rest of the weekend was fairly tat free. There was an artist signing at the comic book shop where we learned that someone we've had the pleasure to know for sometime now has a book on the New York Times best seller list for graphic novels. I know that's not really my brag, but still it was really neat. We stayed there for a bit too long because it was over 100 degrees outside.

Oh wait, I did start one more project. I had another customer request that I thought was interesting, though as soon as I told him how much said request would cost, he disappeared like the wind. I don't get how someone can look at my prices then ask for two things, one of which is listed with a price, and want them both for a price less than the price of the one listed if that makes sense. Anyway, I'm going to make one of the things, a boutonniere. I'm going the prototype on a bobby pin, but I have ordered up two different label pin bases. I though about putting it on a pin back, but I think it would look taking through the lace unless I added a backing and I'm all about less is more with the finishing of pieces. So I'll show you the prototype tomorrow which is based on my Corsage bracelet since that seemed quite fitting and I'll get one really done once those pins arrive.

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