Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just A Slave

Okay Blogger, what is the deal? The disappearing comments stopped, but as soon as they were fixed I stopped getting email notification of comments to moderate. Sure I can see them on my dashboard, but come on, I don't spend all day checking that out and thus I can publish comments only if I happen by and that is slightly annoying. I try not to complain about free services, so this will be my only comment on the subject...fix it, please.

Yesterday was the last day of vacation, so we were out out and about soaking up the last hours of my husbands freedom. Caught Despicable Me, fun movie, took the kids on a bike ride and let them slip n slide in the back yard for a spell and yet I did manage some tatting. I got the silver and gray motifs tatted and then after I received the go ahead on the slave bracelet, I started on that.

I won't get into the particulars of the reason for the special order though I will tell you it is one of the more interesting requests. You might recognize the design already, well basically anyway. It's the Vive La Reine Motif that was also used for my Queen's Feet sandals minus the center, plus a few extra attachments to make it more stable. I though I was going to need to add something more to the center, but I still have to make the bracelet portion and I think that will solidify the upper edge and hold the center window perfectly.

This one is also being made for a larger wrist size than mine so it will require some more design changes to the usual slave bracelet wrist section and I'm still working out all the connections. It should still come to fruition today and I will also be getting the crystals sewn onto the veil motifs today, time permitting. So I should have even more tatting to share with you tomorrow.

If you don't read the blog comments, you didn't see the antique store collar being identified by Marliee, or YarnPlayer as a piece she's done before. I also got a lovely email with the same id, so thanks all. Yarnplayer left the blog link to a picture of hers and I do remember seeing it now among so many crazy detailed pieces years ago, but if you're new round these parts and haven't dug back on her blog, go look here. I am particularly jealous of the pieces on net. I want to do that so badly, but I know I won't for a million boring reasons. I guess it's off to it then, let normality commence.


BSOTF said...

I think your work is always lovely & fun! To me it's the stuff I love to ware. I am sorry that I have had to deal with other stuff lately & hadn't had time to write to let you know that I still watch your blog. I haven't had much time to even do any tatting the last couple of days. But hope to get things back to norm for us today, for a while again.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks so much for the compliments, and for providing the link :-)
I haven't gone back to the tatting on net idea for ages. You've inspired me to drag it out again...once I get past my ever-increasing to-do list! Hopefully, some shortcuts will be discovered to make the process faster.