Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving On

Even though yesterday started in...well let's call it a bad place and I'm sorry to say that my words did in fact fall on deaf ears, once it settled ,I realized that what was really important here was that I had said my piece about how I feel. You can't control other people, nor can you make them see the error of their ways unless they are ready to do so and thus I'm moving on.

Karma it seems was on my side as it gave me the motivation to go right ahead and start making something new. I dipped into the grab bag again and came out with a filigree bit, added some bells and chains and here we have another one of a kind piece. I didn't finish this one straight off as we went out to the local air museum with the kids. During that trip I received a much needed sale and began to let go of all the drama I was talking about. When we got home I finished the necklace. I was mighty proud of this one as I really like using the smaller segments of tatting to combine with other elements. I think it keeps the work fresh. Anyway, karma was again kind as it sold within minutes of listing. That rarely happens so I was doubly pleased though also a little disappointed that more people won't see the piece. I will try to find a suitable piece to add to the center to recreate the same basic feel for another similar necklace.

My apologies, but it seems that blogger is having some sort of comment moderation issue and two of the comments on my last post have disappeared from the site and I seem unable to retrieve or post them. This is quite a shame because they were both wonderful. So I shall say thank you to Stephanie Grace for making me laugh and Ginabea for the poignant piece of wisdom. Both comments were well received even if no one but me got to see them.

I do have an order to make up today and then I think I'll begin the afore mentioned search for a good piece to remake yesterday's necklace or I might just try for another fresh piece. I will likely just roll with the flow today as we have more small family adventures planned and I'm looking for the joy.


BSOTF said...

That necklace was beautiful! I loved the bells on it too. I will stop by again to look at your blog & see what wonderful things you are making. I'm very happy for you that you was able to sell some stuff like you needed. Karma was very good to you!

Tatfully Yours said...

The necklace is really nice and great it sold so fast!!! Glad to hear you are moving on!!! Sometimes that is all we can do!

ginabea said...

I've always attributed this quote to Dizzy Gillespie - but I can't find evidence on the internet... maybe It was MY? quote?!?
"Don't look back to see who is chasing you - they might catch up to you."