Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Manly Man

While the weekend was simply busy, Monday was ridiculous in every sense of the word. The children were in extreme demand mode, the ants invaded and the vet called in regards to my 14 year old cats thyroid sending me to her office for a consultation. To say it was a bad day would be incorrect, it wasn't so much bad as it was frustrating,infuriating and plain stressful. Oh and just in case I could handle the barrage that was thrown at me in perfect balance, it is also that chemically debilitating time of the month. It is a wonder we all made it out alive.

I did get the prototype boutonniere done and it did need a few additional tweaks to work. I sewed a small black ring onto the center as I had to make the center larger to cover more of the blindingly silver pad underneath. I think the pad on the lapel pin is smaller so I might have to adjust this again for the final piece. I also got pins with rings at the end instead so I'll likely try tatting around the ring for the center as well.

I had been trying to something, anything to make for men, but let's face it lace doesn't give off the manliest of vibes. However it does work for the dandy and formal occasions particularly if designed to match a corsage so here's hoping I snag a few weddings or proms next year with this idea.

I'm doing some furious tatting for a custom order right now as I got in the hat base for the wedding veil and I want to have the table clear before I work on putting that together. This was lays differently than the others I've made so I want to take it slow and get it perfect. I am actual quite glad that I've already had such different requests for these as I am definitely a learn while having to do sort of person. Sink or swim if you will. If you're wondering, I haven't always swum, there have been a few that sunk me to the bottom of the pond, but we won't get into those.

Here's hoping today stays calm, collected and upbeat. I've got work to do and I'd rather not spend the day with a stress induced headache. Thank you and good day.


Tatfully Yours said...

Oh yes stress, got to love it!! (I`m being sarcastic!!!!LOL) I just dropped my 15 year old son at his on line girlfriends house about a 45 minutes drive from home. This is their first face to face meeting and I am back at home cleaning every inch of the house to keep me sane. It is not working:( I will not be happy until he is home!

BSOTF said...

Your boutonniere looks wonderful. I do understand what you mean about something being manily. However in days of old men did ware lace on their clothes. Just remeber that the young people & those who like different stuff are very apt to like it too. What once was old is new again. Things go out & suddenly is new again because some young person suddenly thinks "it's so cool & a must have". So here is to good luck with this. I do hope that it catches on for you.
As for all the stuff you have been nailed with yesterday. For the kids I think it's something in the air. Ones here are acting up too. As for your cat I'm very sorry to hear about it's health problems. As for you feeling all the stress..just remember to breath & drink some tea or something that will relax you. Infact I'll join you on these things too. Ok? You're not alone. Just feels like it at times. Let's tatt something together & relax.

Sewicked said...

{{hug}} we all have days like that. Monday was very, very Monday here, too. At least the boutonniere turned out well. That would look so good with a tux.