Friday, July 16, 2010

The Queen's Hand

I wanted to start off today with another thank you, this time to Gilliauna who has a lovely write up on my work on her blog, Handmade Gift and Shopping Guide. It is a very flattering piece and very much appreciated.

Now back to the tatting. First up another peek at the veil motif now all embellished and sewn together sitting on top of the silver french veiling I'll be using. I also got in the ostrich feathers I needed, but the final construction will wait until the hat base arrives. I added five crystals to the center of the silver motif in black diamond and, well actual black. I thought about adding some filament to the edges, but I think it might have a better era feel without that embellishment.

Next up is the new slave bracelet design. Now, you saw the one with an open center, but that has a very specific purpose. So once it was finished I went ahead and made another with the center and it joins the other 'Queen' pieces as the Queen's Hand. This one is very small and by that I mean it fits me like a glove. In fact I think it rather gives off more of the fingerless glove look than my other slave bracelets. I can of course adjust the length. I've been making the bracelet portion of this design so long that it has been requested in a great many lengths.

Ooh and while I was making up one of my 'In Bloom' pendants yesterday, I had an idea for another simple pendant, so I might give that a go today. I've also been stalling on remaking a sold mask since I have only made it once. I wrote down the basic pattern before I popped it in the mail, but what I honestly don't remember is the order of construction. I don't recall how I started the piece and it wasn't immediately clear upon even close inspection. I think I might have blogged some of it so I guess it's digging through the archives for me. I guess it's just a good thing I document or posterity or I'd be out of luck.


nami said...

Beautiful, especially bracelet.

Bri's Bits said...

you don't have to post this under your comments but I hope you don't mind, I posted about you on my blog. I wanted to do so for a little while now, I posted 4 of your pictures and told my friends to come check out your blog and etsy store :) I do needle tatting also but never make jewelry, I love your work and think it is really unique. Very pretty and Wish you many good returns in the future and happy tatting :X

Tatfully Yours said...

The new slave bracelet looks great!! Good idea to be able to make the wrist piece longer if needed.