Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old, New, Nothing Blue

I was going to call this post flashback Friday, but then realized that it is in fact Thursday and that is not nearly as catchy so yeah. Why, you ask? Well, do you recognize the piece there? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. For one it was nowhere near done when I took the picture and two, I stopped making it like a year ago. This piece was one of my first choker designs. The first one that was not built on an edging. I made it back in 2008 and the instructions for it were published in the Autumn issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry which I blogged about eons ago. I decided to revisit it and likely several other older pieces that would benefit from my current skill level. Meaning I really wasn't all that great then and even though I hope I'll get even better, I'm much more confident now.

Along with the way back machine up there, I also went for something new. I used one of the lapel pins with the ting at the end to tat this new design. I was basically about how many stitches I could fit around the ring and making it all up from there. This is actually the third iteration as I cut out a third layer, then thought I leave it small, then added the second row to the back layer. Funny, now that I look at it in the picture it kinda reminds me of a button. Now I remember there was someone asking for tatting that looked like a button, but who, I have no recollection. Anyway, the lapel pin is listed and the Grand Victorian Daisy choker is finished and will be getting a fresh photo shoot today and get listed as well. I might dig through my archives today and resurrect another piece, but we'll see where the day goes.

One last little piece of news to share. My first online ad is up at HauteMacabre and the lovely ladies who run the site give a brief feature to their advertisers. So that means my work was also featured there yesterday evening. So go check out the feature. The ad is toward the bottom right side and you really don't need to check that out as you're already here. The feature doubled my views for yesterday and it wasn't up until like five or something. I also received a few new twitter followers from the exposure and hopefully between that and the print ad in Coilhouse, a copy of which I have just been informed I should be getting soon so I'll post the ad page page it gets here, I should see a bit of new business. Boy all this tatting business was easier before it was a business and I actually needed the income. I'm still supremely lucky to stay home with my girls and make lace for a living, supremely lucky.

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BSOTF said...

Congrats on the business picking up as you wanted to happen. Yes, you are blessed to make lace at home,get to make money & be home with your little ladies as you want to do. What more could you ask for? Smile I'm thrilled you are so happy with having things the way you want it to be.