Friday, July 9, 2010

Nothing For You Here

Yaaaawwn...I'm really certain I could have had a more uncomfortable sleep. The children were all relatively good during the sleepover and they slumber still, but my girls wanted me to sleep with them...on the floor. I ended up in a corner, contorted and well I can't believe I still woke up at five like usual. I also fear I have no tatting to share at all. We went to a mall out of town and out to lunch, so by the time we got home it was time to clean the house for the slumber party.

One good thing to share this morning, blogger seems to have found the missing comments and they have been published. During the issue though a couple of those kanji spam comments did leak though so after deleting them, I turned moderation back on. Then when I woke this morning I discovered more comments to moderate, but I wasn't sent an email notification of them. So clearly the issues are still being worked out and I will try to stay on top of the comments as best as I can. Speaking of comments though, I want to again say thank you for them all, they are a source of great joy, amusement, inspiration and information so do keep talking back!

I am going to attempt to get some tatting done today before we have to start packing for the annual trip to the Monterey Bay. I may be about on Monday and then again I may not. This has so far been the busiest 'vacation' that my husband has taken. We have filled everyday with something to do when usually we just sit around for a bit and relax. I think that I will need my own vacation when his is over, but am I going to get one? No, of course not, that would be silly.

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BSOTF said...

Enjoy your vacation with your family. We all get a small vacation when we do our tatting. So just go & have fun with your family. We'll be here when you get to return to tell of all your fun you had.