Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I just now noticed that yesterday's post was my 600th here. I suppose it's not a major milestone, but every time I see those big round numbers I can't help but think about how much babbling that represents. Speaking of babbling...or comments anyway, the comments here seem to still be broken and a few more fell into the void yesterday. I went ahead and changed them so I'm not moderating for the time being to see if that lets them through. Why do I moderate at all, you ask? Well you might remember a bit of comment unpleasantness from a passerby who was in severe attack troll mode. Well, the was the reason I started, but I continue because of a rash of comments usually written in kanji followed by a string of ellipses that are actually links to, well let's just go with unsavory sites. So if a few of those slip by, please forgive me and I try to trash them as soon as I can.

We were in and out so much yesterday that I had little time to even think creatively and I really needed to get the order in queue done, so that was was focus. I did take a moment to try out a replacement idea for the filigree in the last necklace. I took a small triangle piece and as you can see, I tatted around the edge and added a row full of picots. When I set the piece next to the other tatted segment for the necklace I decided that it wasn't going to work for that at all. The shape is just too angular to match the rest of the design. I will, however, use this to create something else entirely. What that will be, I haven't a clue.

Today's adventure includes a trip to a nearby zoo since the kids have only been to our city zoo, which is a rescue zoo. That means it basically only has native animals that can now only live in captivity, being rehabilitated or are short it kind of sucks. So we're headed to closest one with exotic animals. This of course means tomorrows blog post is likely to be full of nothing much too interesting, though you really can never tell when something interesting to babble about might happen.


Kim said...

Congrats on 600!

BSOTF said...

Wow, 600 plus you also have something to put with something else later on. Gee,it will be super to see how it turns out later,,, I can't wait to see. Oh, no matter what you talk about it will be interesting.

Jane said...

I had to start moderating comments on my blog for the same reason. Some people must just have too much time!


Tatfully Yours said...

I have wanted to set my comment page to view first but could not see how to do it. Sometimes the computer is not my friend!! LOL

Autumn said...

Being able to be interesting while babbling is a wonderful skill to have. Please don't stop! And congrats on 600 (wow, that's a big number).

God's Kid said...

You know....maybe those "trolls" should learn how to tat and then they wouldn't have the time to be so crude :D
Love the triangle design and can't wait to see what you do with it!
:) Have a great day!