Monday, July 5, 2010

I like The T

Okay, I get win. I say 'picot' all wrong. It's okay though, I've accepted it. I have decided that when I do make my introduction to needle tatting video I will clarify the correct pronunciation and continue saying it wrong because my brain is sort of stuck there. I appreciate that no one was mean nor condescending in their confirmation of my deficiency. In fact I simply appreciate knowing the answer. Being self taught means that unless the book or site tells me something implicitly, I must figure it out myself. I will just qualify the word when I say it know so people know that I know and have simply decided not to care.

I wish I had some tatting to share, but alas I got my very first iphone and it sucked my days away. Not shockingly, I also haven't had any sales since I spent far too much money on a phone. I really ought to get to designing something new to attract customer type attention. I've gotten plenty of tatting attention from the new video, but that attention doesn't pay for a ridiculously expensive phone. It does however leave me feeling very flattered by kind and encouraging comments. I have been delighted to hear shuttle tatters impressed and I do truly hope that these go a long way to helping others join the tatting ranks or at the very least understand that is not a dying art and that it is not impossible to learn.

Now to the dark, sullen side. I been feeling the inexplicable urge to complain about something here for some time, but I haven't. You see the Internet has taught me a few things. One of those things is that the world it huge and diverse and yet if you say something untoward about someone on the other side of the country they are going to hear about it. This fact has made it nigh on impossible for me to unburden myself about someone who has been upsetting me for quite some time. I also have no desire to make people chose sides and perhaps lose friends or support over it. I really do understand that just a few words from me will enough for somebody out there to figure out what I'm talking about and the drama will begin, but I am getting frustrated. It has even gotten bad enough that I have finally sent a message, which is direct confrontation and just as stressful for me as the situation itself, requiring that I be the 'mean' one. My stomach is seriously in knots and I hope with all my being that my words don't fall on deaf ears. In conclusion please, I beg you, person I am referring to...stop trying to be me...that is all.

I think I mentioned the husbands vacation from work and that begins today, so I might be a bit scarce as we adventure though I will try to keep up my daily blogging. I might schedule up some wunderkammers with links so I don't have to worry about that either, but who knows. Have a good week either way all!


Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

I like the T too, but you get to sound all french and stuff when you can say Peeeco. ;) Just want to let you know that I have been following you since you featured a ring I made on your WunderKammer blog.. I think your work is fabulous, and I am sorry about your copy cat. It wasn't hard to figure it out...just keep doing what you do, innovating ahead of the pack, and being the best at what you do!

Tatfully Yours said...

Hope you have some good vacation time with the whole family.

shannon_in_love said...

yeah i also tried saying it the "right" way but my brain keeps saying picot like picot me its all the same. tatting is pretty universal. this last weekend i was on a french website and even though i had no clue what they were saying i understood because a picot is a picot no matter how you say it!

Stephanie Grace said...

*Takes off wig and pouts* But I LIKE pretending to be you!

Did it at least make you smile? I know it's not me since I really have no clue what all that referred to, but I couldn't resist myself... Always trying to make people laugh... :-P On the other hand, though, feel a bit a flattered and if you need me to beat someone up, just let me know! ;-) I honestly wish I was good enough to pretend to be you! LOL. If my tatting could pass for yours, I'd be flippin' ecstatic --and put my name all over it and never give you credit... unless it was your pattern and I obtained permission, of course! ;-)

Have fun with Hubby and family! And remember that tatting thread is for tatting, not for noose-making! ;-)

I'm a jokester-rambler tonight apparently... Sorry. Laugh! :-P

-Stephanie Grace

ginabea said...

Was it Dizzie Gillespie who said:
"Don't look back to see who's chasing you... they might catch up to you."

LesleyD said...

I say Picot just like you did in the video. It's like when you talk about a skien yarn is it a "skane" or "skeen". Forget what others say.

punkin said...

Please keep the "t"!

Can you imagine what a boring linguistic landscape it would be if everybody spoke with the same accent? Because that's the difference between "pik-it" and "peek-o" -- accent. The "correct" one is which-ever comes naturally to you. ^_^

Bri's Bits said...

Peek - o . Pik - it . Pee - cot .

if someone is more concerned about the way your are pronouncing a simple word when they clearly know what you mean, lol, does it really matter what information you are giving them anyhow? I personally say Pee-cot and have always known the French say Peek-o, but it doesn't really matter. the patterns and your beautiful work are what matters. Vernacular and local accents will abound just because the world is round. Keep up the good work, and always know, even us silent readers admire your beautiful work constantly!