Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yep, see I told you I've got nothing for you. We took a trip to the zoo and when we returned I picked up that little tatted triangle and attempted to determine its purpose in life. I dug out bells and beads and crystals. I set it next to countless scraps of lace trying to find it's complimentary shape and I came up with nothing. Then as if to distract me from my failure I received an order that I could make and I abandoned that little triangle for another time with fresher eyes.

So today, you get zoo pictures. We had actually never been to this zoo even though it is only an hour from us. It was really nice. It had huge overgrown trees and bamboo, very natural looking habitats and a really cute little bird show. We managed to kill four hours inside and once the kids are out of the nap age, I imagine we could spend more time there. You'd think we'd get sick of seeing the same animals, but we go to the Monterey Aquarium at least twice a year and have done so for the last eleven years.

Today only has a little planned adventure so hopefully I'll get some creative time. Wait, just to be clear, today only has a little adventure, but this evening has far too much as we agreed to host a slumber party for all the kids cousins. That, my friends is eight children under the age of eleven, six girls and two boys. So if I don't get anything done today and you don't hear from me'll know what happened...and please send help.


BSOTF said...

I love your zoo pictures. I think it's neat that you are having a sleep over for all the cousins. I'm sure you will be fine. When you are spose to figure out the reason & purpose for the will happen. Sometimes we have to take breaks on things & when we least expect it..bomb, it all just goes together with ease. Like we never had any trouble doing it. Hay no matter what you blog about, I stop by to see. For it's nice to know that I'm not alone with things in life too. I mean that in a good way. Plus I look forward to seeing what you make next!

Stephanie Grace said...

I'm so glad that I could make you laugh the other day.... NOW, I'm hoping to make you smile, after a good lashing...

LASHING: Did you REALLY have to post a picture of a bird? I'm terrified of them and can keep coming across pictures of them today... If I have nightmares tonight, I know where you blog! :-P

SMILE: I think/hope you'll be happy to know that you're officially an inspiration. Yes, you're beautiful tatting was the final push for me, but, yesterday, I showed your Etsy shop to my thirteen-year-old niece's friend and, while unfortunately neither of us can buy anything, it made her want to learn to tat! I'm still learning and she'll officially be my third "student" --and her mother may possibly be my fourth.

So, I'd just like you to remember that beyond being an amazing tatting and creative woman, you are an inspiration and, for that, I cannot thank you enough!

Oh, don't you go gettin' teary-eyed, you sissy! Just smile and stick your tongue out knowing that I'll never be able to tat like you do! LOL. ;-)

-Stephanie Grace

H J Hess said...

Oh gosh! Your younger daughter resembles you so much in that zoo photo. Your daughters are so beautiful. Glad the zoo was fun.