Friday, July 23, 2010

For The Dapper Gent

Like a see saw each day this week has either been down or...we'll go with slightly up. So since Wednesday was a shining example of down, yesterday swung up a bit. The ants let up, but did not entirely stop their onslaught. The children were relatively calm in their demands and to top it all off I got my lapel pin bases in the mail.

As soon as I had those shiny bits of metal I went to work creating my first official tatted project made for men. The pad on the pin base was a bit smaller than the bobby pin, so I did need to adjust stitch counts a bit. I probably could have left off the top ring and replaces it with a bead, but I think I'll stick with the all lace version for now. Once it was finished and I was getting pictures of it for the listing I realized a slight obstacle. I have no suit upon which to pin it for a really good picture. Sure, I made due with a woman's suit jacket that I own, but my husband owns no suits.

The solution turned out to be twitter. I announced my plea for help and was directed to a dapper fellow who might be able to solve my problem. I offered to make a piece in his choice of colors in exchange for fabulous action shots of the boutonniere. A deal was struck and today I send off this lovely colored version of the piece.

The piece was also lauded by a few steampunk gentlemen who I imagine often don suits and would like such an adornment. I of course hope that this helps continue to open up my customer base a bit. The best part was making it and setting up the photos was a fun distraction and made my day. I am already planning to order more bases and perhaps come up with a second design, but I don't want to go overboard on it since slow sales have me a bit cash poor at the moment. It is so hard to balance creative enthusiasm with reality. Just take a deep breath and let it go.

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God's Kid said...

Those look great! :)