Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Little Silver

Happy Wednesday, the week is half gone already and the husband is back to work tomorrow. I suppose that means I should try to settle back into routine again. I might complain, but honestly I love routine. It's safe and comfortable, like a fluffy blanket of predictability. Sure it's nice to get out from underneath it for a spell, but it sure is nice to come back to.

I mentioned the two projects sitting about for my attention yesterday, another veil and a new slave bracelet design. I am currently waiting for a response on the proposed idea for the slave bracelet so I went ahead and got started on the new veil. This one is an attempt to recreate the feel of another piece, but in lace with silver veiling for a longtime twitter friend. The style of the wedding was explained to me as Old Hollywood, so rather than stick with the existing motif I had created for the other veils I went a little more Art Deco with the design using my Victoriana motif and changed up the base as well.

Before you ask, I fear the iphone has made me a lazy photographer. I found a nice little editing app for it and I keep playing with it rather than get out my real camera for pictures. Sure the quality isn't that bad and it might just be a case of 'new toy', but I keep using the borders and filters on everything. It'll get out of my system eventually and I'll be back to the reliable camera and basic images, but until then forgive me my silly borders.

Back to the veil, I'll be adding an array of crystals and placing the whole thing over some ostrich feather and a few black biot feathers...I think that's what they're called. Then it's silver veiling over a teardrop shaped hat base which I am waiting on so I will get my end assembled so I can just sew them together when it arrives. I'll get more pictures as the design develops of course and as soon as I'm a go with the slave bracelet, I'll share the design idea on that one as well. Off to it then, these things won't make themselves.


Sewicked said...

Personally, I don't mind the silly borders, as long as they don't impinge on the photograph. Go ahead & play; it's supposed to be good for your mental health.

BSOTF said...

Your picture looks really nice. Enjoy your new toy. Your choice of colors is good too. I have some more colors of thread that I need to get. Silver & gold are among them. Cause I want to do somethings with them that's in my head. I'm still looking at the work you do. Keep it up, I do love looking at your style on things.

Anitra Cameron said...

I think the borders are just fine! And I never fail to be amazed by tatting. It's just so delicate!