Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wondering Out Loud

If you were wondering Tuesday was infinitely better than Monday. Sure nothing great happened, but nothing horrid happened either. It was a nice even day, full of basically nothing. Of course that's where it leaves me this morning, with nothing of consequence to share really.

I was going to work on the veil, but quickly determined that the plain buckram base was not going to cut it as is under the veil. It is just simply too unfinished to work, so the bride is sending me a bit of fabric from leftover from the dress to cover the base with, then it should be perfect and all I need to do is construct the piece. The picture you see here is the perfectly awful photo of me staging the bits for comparison. I think the design will be lovely once that buckram is covered of course.

The rest of the day was spent furiously tatting a second bracelet for an order. I had one made and had gotten most of the second done on Monday when I realized that since I used the Royale thread on the first and the cebelia on the second they were ever so slightly different in size. Sure both size 10 black thread, but just different enough that I felt they were not a match pair. So I opted to make another with the cebelia for a perfect match and since the order is waiting for a echeck to clear anyway, I had the time to get that done.

I was going to start remaking the throat corset that was also sold, but then I started thinking about retiring and reinventing some older pieces. There are a few I simply don't like making much anymore and I've got over 150 pieces in the shop right now, so maybe it's time to let a few go. Then there are a few like the throat corset that I think I can make better and I haven't because I'm too lazy to take new pictures of complex pieces that require me to really model them. I'm also thinking about bringing back a couple of designs that I let go of, but again think that with a bit of a redesign they can be good again like the Grand Daisy choker that got me into Belle Armoire Jewelry. Who knows how much of this rambling plan I'll actually get around to, it is only now being articulated for the first time as I write this, but I think it might be a good direction to head in for awhile. Your opinions of pieces to let go of, redesign or bring back are quite welcome. It of course does not mean I will listen to you, but external opinions are very useful in providing perspective and balance, so go right ahead, I'll get started without you.


BSOTF said...

You can ramble on all you want. I will listen or read what you write cause I like your work that much! I do look forward to seeing what you come up with due to I enjoy your creation that much. So you go ahead & create I'll do the same (tatting that is) drink some tea with you & wait to see what you come up with next.

Tatfully Yours said...

Designing and redesigning is something you have to be in the mood to do. Like me shopping for a bath suit, I`m NEVER in the mood for that!!!! LOL