Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey There

Good Monday morning all...and I mean that. It was a pleasant weekend full of socializing with friends and adventuring. There was however little tatting to share aside from some making of custom pieces. I even have good news regarding the new boutonniere, the first is sold and on its way across the pond and I have been queried regarding them for a most lovely friends upcoming wedding, though I'm sworn to secrecy on identity. I am truly excited to have finally managed something for men, even if only for formal events.

The custom order I was working on was my Salome anklet as a pair with more bells. When asked if I could do more bells, I said certainly, then I looked at the lace and puzzled over where they would go. I opted to put them in the center of the motifs. I think sometimes people think you can string anything on the lace since it's fairly strong, but it's just string that holding this stuff on people. It can only hold so much weight before friction and gravity and going the warp the crap out of it. So I hope this is enough bells.

After a really slow sales month, this weekend picked up quite a bit. I'm not throwing a huge party or anything, but I am pleased and will be busy remaking sold pieces today, once the Salome anklet's mate is complete. I thought about just adding the center bells by tying them on, but I would be devastated if they were to come loose on the customer, so it's onto a pair with all bells tatted securely in.

Also, my sarcastic thanks go out to Jane, who innocently suggested that I was photographing my pieces upside down and I replied that since I don't do wrong side, right side tatting, there is no up side. She was being helpful and is a truly lovely person I'm honored to be acquainted with, but now I feel compelled to start right side tatting. So, yeah...thanks for planting that seed I couldn't ignore. Hopefully I'll get it out of my system soon and be back to not caring anymore.

Also thanks for all the ant advice. Then are generally stopped now thank to both sealing cracks and bait traps, but it's a large house and they keep returning in smaller amounts, so the traps and sealant are ready to go at a moments notice. It really is just this area I live in that appears to have been built on an extremely large sugar ant population and the incursions will likely occur ever year about this time. Sure, I could hire a bug guy, but I like all the other bugs around, so we'll handle it...won't stop me from complaining about it though.


Tatfully Yours said...

That anklet looks great and would look good in dark green or red thread with the bells for Christmas parties!! Oh yes, in 5 months it will be boxing day. LOL (Sorry!!)

BSOTF said...

It's wonderful to hear the excelent news about your boiytibnieres. Yes, they will be on very nice looking men at special occasions.
Yes, you have alot of good news to share. I'm so happy for you that you have made sales that you need.
Ok, so you complain about the ants. Everyone complains from time to time. So it won't be unexpected. I'll still read your blog. Once again congrats on your boutonnieres & your sales!

Krystle said...

A thought about the bells issue....

what about making the anklet out of something sturdy like a velvet ribbon, and attach a whole mess of bells to that, then adding two edgings on either side of the ribbon?

Just a thought. feel free to ignore completely.