Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'm afraid I again have no tatting to share, but this time it's because I was being selfishly lazy over the weekend. I decided that for my birthday I was just going to 'be', unless otherwise needed and I wasn't, needed, that is. I got some lovely gifts, I went shopping and actually purchased a few things for myself, which I rarely do anymore, and then there was lunch with family and dinner with friends. It really was a nice little birthday.

The rest of the weekend was family adventuring, some shopping, some movie going, some visiting. In fact really the only downside of the weekend, save for no tatting, was the lack of sleep. We stayed up far too late on Friday and the cats woke me at 4 the next morning, so without the ability to nap, I haven't been able to make up for that 2.5 hour night. I'm still dragging this morning.

Despite the offer of a free gift, I only got one small order on Friday and the rest of the weekend was a complete bust sales wise as well, aside from a pattern sale. That one order is already taken care of, so I start another week with no clear tasks ahead. I'm crossing my fingers for something interesting to happen, and good interesting this time, not weird and creepy. I do so hate writing blog posts without something visual to share. So here's hoping for a pleasantly surprising and unexpectedly busy Monday.

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