Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boutonniere went ahead and stole some time straight off in the morning to make the new woven motif into both a pendant and a boutonniere. The pendant was just adding a jump ring to the already tatted motif, but the boutonniere was a pain in the neck.

The gray section is actually made first and then the black section is woven into it as I work. All this is already a bit fiddly, but for this, I have to tat the center directly onto the pin finding and then weave around it as well. Until it's almost done, the pin is flopping about and getting all up in the way. Even so, this one is done and in the shop.

I didn't yet list the matching pendant, but it should get into the shop early today. I still have several pieces that need remaking for the shop. I'm about halfway through a mask right now, so I'm guessing my entire day will be remaking. At least I managed to get a little something new in anyway. Here's to another busy, busy day.

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Susan said...

Well I commend you for making the boutonniere... it's a pretty design! I think it would look beautiful in a white / pastel color set... could see it being pinned on a wedding dress.