Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things to Do

I cleaned my desk yesterday morning. I make this statement to illustrate how truly bored I was without a project in the morning. Sure, it needed to be done, but it really ought to have been done months ago and I managed to ignore it sitting here every day. Once that was done though, I knew I needed to get into some tatting quickly. First I chose to make a few spiders for the shop. I know, Halloween is still months away and it's still over 100º outside, but the stores are stocking it, so why shouldn't I?

After a few of those, I decided to dig back in my sold pieces for something more substantial to do. I ran across this Celtic stye motif I did years ago now. I couldn't remember much about why I made it, but when I found the prototype I decided to muck with the design a bit. I changed some stitch counts and picots, redid the center, and left off a third round entirely. I'm thinking just now that I may make it a new boutonniere design as well as a pendant.

No time for that today though because I thankfully got a nice sized order late last night. I have things that need making and I couldn't be happier. I might set aside a little time for this though, new things always make me feel like I've actually accomplished something. Either way, I have things to do today!

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Madtatter80 said...

I haven't commented on your blog in a while and you have been very creative lately, this one today is kind of Celtic like!