Thursday, August 28, 2014


Nope, I still didn't get to the tatting I should have been doing. I just really am not in the mood to remake the one necklace that's left. I did get the new hair pin listed in the shop after our teacher meeting, but then I stalled some more. It took hours before I was bored enough to start doodling with thread again.

This little, I'm calling it a fly, came about after a few experiments. No, I don't know what I was trying
to make in the first place, but it wasn't a fly. After someone said it sort of looked like a bat I made another with more bat like wings and a solid head instead of bug eyes. I didn't get a picture of that one and I doubt these will ever end up in the shop. Not sure who would ever want a fly and there are already several bat patterns in existence without adding another. At least the creation distracted me for a while.

I fear cleaning is on the schedule for today. After last week's nice run of sales, the shop got silent as the grave again. I suppose it's a good thing as I prepare to start schooling again, but the slowness always causes a panic, especially when we're shopping for things like school supplies.

As usual, I'm hoping for something good and interesting to happen today. And on the note, I'm off to it.

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Jane McLellan said...

I think it looks more like a flower than a fly! A flower seen from the side.