Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Cleaned

I listed the newest tatted jellyfish fairly early yesterday. I also worked up the requisite snowflake for the day and then I couldn't think of a thing to do. I sat listless for a short time before I made the decision to clean the house. I'm calling it the end of summer cleaning since I had no other real reason to do it. I mean yes, I clean a little all the time, but this was the full blown rubber gloves sort of cleaning and I thoroughly regret my decision.

Toward the end of the afternoon, when all the cleaning I was going to do was done, I used the smaller gray thread from the jellyfish to make a pendant out of the first two rounds of my jellyfish bell. I'm still deciding whether or not it will make it into the shop. The gray thread is size 20 which I don't have as many color options of on hand, but I think the design might be a bit too big in my usual size 10. I did have to make a few stitch changes so it would lay flat, but I really like the joins for this so I wanted to try the pendant.

I still don't have any orders in queue. I did get one last night, but I had been expecting it and had already made the piece over the weekend. So I guess it's a snowflake and then listlessness on tap for today, unless either something interesting comes up or I get visited by the muses. Either will work.

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