Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I stalled like a champ yesterday. I never even got around to remaking anything, nor cleaning. In fact after I did laundry there were a couple of hours that I literally laid about. I guess I decided with schooling starting up again next week, that I should get a little time wasting done. In fact I'm not certain that I'm done with that yet. It might be on the plan for today as well.

I did do a little something newish to justify myself for the day. I added another round to the woven motif I've been playing with and it became a hair pin not long after this. I almost added a fourth round and I still might just to see what it would look like, but that time wasting bug reared up about then.

I will try to get the hair pin in the shop later today. We have our first teacher meeting this morning and having to leave the house and get things done should keep me from melting into the couch too soon. Not sure what else I'll get up to, if anything, but I'll keep trying for a picture worthy moment.

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