Friday, August 8, 2014


Yesterday went as planned, just as the day before had. I exercised, I got lazy, then I followed that with finishing the piece that needed remaking and a snowflake. I know I shouldn't get too used to the routine because schooling with change it in a few weeks, but it's working for now and I'm feeling pretty productive.

After lunch I was able to get to the next jellyfish. I opted to go with purple as it's my favorite color after black of course and at least one other person suggested it. This is Lizbeth, dark purple and I followed it up with dark iris purple...I think. The bell dried overnight and I'll be able to get back to it today.

The bell is actually becoming faster to tat up, like most pieces with repetitive patterns, once it settles in your mind, you get to pay a little less attention and let the muscle memory do its thing. The hyperbolic tatting however, continues to take forever to accomplish. It's just so long that it tangles the with the working thread and I spend just as much time carefully avoid that as I do untangling when it happens anyway. I still have two more hyperbolic sections, the tentacles, and the light cozy left to make before I can put it all together. Still, baring any other distractions, I should finish it today and get it listed over the weekend. That is unless I get lazy and save if until Monday. I am already thinking about the next piece after this.

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God's Kid said...

Those are amazing!!! :)