Monday, August 11, 2014

Purple Jellyfish let's see, Friday I finished the purple jellyfish and it got listed on Saturday. It is absolutely my favorite so far. Well, maybe the big one is my favorite, but this is my favorite color combination. I used Lizbeth dark purple and dark iris purple for the bell and mystery lavender for the center. I wish I could say that I am getting faster at them, but it's not true. I am making subtle adjustments with each one though making them each even more unique than just color.

I've been having problems finding headbands for my kitty ears again. I used to just get them on Amazon in multi-color packs and paint the ones that weren't black, but all they had this time around were pastels, they were add-on items, and I was getting scared that they were going to stop carrying them at all. That is until I checked the hair aisle at Target. For the first time since I started making those, they had several black multi-packs. I got so excited that I bought them all, went home and started making more of them. I didn't have any on order, but I had so many headbands that needed ears and it just seemed like the thing to do.

So as you might have guessed I didn't start another jellyfish nor anything else interesting. I just made cat ears the rest of the weekend. I don't have any orders in queue right now either, so I may start another jellyfish, I'm itching to make one in black and grays, or I might do something else entirely. I guess we'll just have to see how the day goes.

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