Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I was fantastically busy yesterday, it was wonderful. After a nice morning of yoga with the kids I went to work remaking the pieces that had just been ordered. Of course I only made it through one before I got another nice order in the shop with a custom piece in it. So I stopped the remaking and started on a Celtic triangle necklace. The fun part about a piece like this one is that I can make all of one part first and the rows of center daisies gave me something interesting to take a picture of. This means no 'text only' blog post.

I also had an inquiry from a shop that buys from me every so often, but I've yet to hear back from her again. I'm crossing my fingers that she is ready to make a largish purchase again. If she does, then I shall be ever so busy for days, if not weeks. Once the current custom order is done, I might just steal some time to get back to the motif I showed you yesterday and at the very least turn it into a pendant and get it in the shop. Hopefully I will manage to suss out turning it into a boutonniere as well.

Well, that's it really. Busy with orders is great for me, but rubbish from a narrative standpoint. I'll will try to lift the monotony with pictures, if I remember.

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Susan said...

It's wonderful to be able to stay busy - especially with custom orders and new designs!

I really like the little flowers you're making - they look almost cartoonish