Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At Least I Took Pictures

Yep, it was another nose to the grindstone day. I spent quite some time in the morning looking through the kids classes as I had just gotten access to their online school. I prepped some supplies in order to avoid last minute rushing about and then I sat down to tat.

It was all remaking pieces for the shop, so they're nothing you probably haven't seen before. Like usual, I save the larger pieces for the end so I only managed to finish two things even though I tatted all day.  This one is a cuff bracelet and the other a choker necklace. At least I remembered to take some photos to make the blog post slightly less boring.

I only have one other piece left to make, I think, and it's one of my largest necklaces. That means I'll probably stall before getting round to it. Stalling could mean I make something new or I clean something. Of course it will start with me crossing my fingers that an order will come in to take the decision away from me. I think I am ready to get back to part time tatting. Less time to fill means the time is worth more.

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