Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Blue Jellyfish

I've been trying to engage in more exercise in the mornings. First I do yoga with the kids which is both amusing and relaxing. Then I go walk on the treadmill for awhile. That has had precisely two effects so far, sweat and exhaustion. I assume that once I really make it part of my routine, it won't be so bad, but for now the exhaustion part has caused me to stall in the mornings and not start tatting when I know that I really ought to. very nearly forgot that I had the new jellyfish to get photographed and listed. I did manage to get it in the shop
though. Even better, while sharing it on the Facebook page, the only owner of one, so far, shared that it had arrived safely and it sounds like she is pleased with it. This is a huge relief. It is honestly terrifying to send off particularly large pieces into the unknown.

Aside from getting the jellyfish listed, I also managed to follow the rest of my day plan despite the early morning, exercise induced, laziness. I remade a mask for the shop and got one snowflake made up. The only thing I did not get round to was starting a new jellyfish. I did ask over on the Facebook for color suggestions and I got many. That, unfortunately did not narrow down my choices, but made them more diverse instead.

Today I have one more piece from the shop to remake and then the requisite daily snowflake. So it seems that unless something else comes up I should be able to at least start another jellyfish today. That is, if I can decide on a color scheme after being given so many options. My summer vacation from homeschooling is quickly coming to an end so I really must take advantage of the time while I can.

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