Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Black and Gray

Yesterday I decided that while there are still a few weeks before my kids start back to school, we better start reacclimating to it now. So they were forced to practice handwriting and to read for a spell and then we read some comics together in the morning after yoga. I figured that I need to get used to the lost time as well. I mean, I know it's not actually lost time, but I have filled up that morning time with all kinds of things and that's not going to fly when the schooling starts again.

Once that was wrapped I did get back to some tatting. I got a snowflakes done first off because I had decided to go ahead and do the next jellyfish and once I start those it's non-stop tatting for a couple of days. The black and charcoal gray bell portion is done, but I barely started on the medium gray hyperbolic sections.

There is plenty left for me to work on today before this one is done. I might get it finished, but definitely not all the way to listed today. I think this is probably the last jellyfish for the shop, at least for now. I had imagined a whole bunch of them when the thrill of selling the first once was fresh, but now that it's been some time, I know they are not likely to continue flying off the shelf. Besides, I'm sure if someone wants another color, they'll just ask and I can do it custom. What I'll get up to next, I haven't decided that yet either.

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