Friday, August 22, 2014

Time Wasted

Yesterday was, in fact, another busy day. It started with finishing up the mask I was remaking, followed by making more kitty ear headbands. This is the time of year when those start really selling and I'd like to keep up with them. Next up, I got the woven motif, as a pendant, listed in the shop. I'd pop up a picture, but it's really just the same as yesterday only with a ribbon instead of a pin and the only thing worse than no picture in the blog post is a repetitive one.

After lunch I stole a little time to play one of my birthday gifts that was just released, Shadowgate. It's an update of a text adventure game I played many moons ago when I didn't have kids nor a business to take up my time and it is just as frustratingly difficult as ever. It might well have sucked the rest of my day away, but luckily the order from the shop I was waiting for came in and that meant I had even more pieces to remake, so I stopped.

The order I got was mostly for necklaces that I only have one made of, and some of them are ones I've not made a whole lot. This means I'll want to get their replacements made before I send these ones away so I can refer to them as I make the new ones. Today is going to be a whole lot of nose-to-the-grindstone tatting. If you're wondering, yes, I'm quite happy about this. Hopefully before Monday I'll find or make something picture worthy. Until then.

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